Someday soon I’m going to fly.

Look and take off toward the sky.

My Father will part the clouds and take me away.

I’ll meat Jesus at the pearly gates.

My life on earth will be never more.

I’ll spread my wings and to heaven we’ll soar.

All the worries, pain, and sickness of this life will be over forever.

The struggles of this life we will have to do again, Never.

Oh how I long to fly away.

Yes in his arms is where I will stay.

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       Death is a hard subject to talk about. It usually creaps up in the worst of times and far to often to ones we are not ready to let go of. Recently I was involved for the first time in my life with a terminally ill friend of a friend. Now you see I talk to God just like talking to any person in front of me. When my friend asked for my help in prayer I looked up and asked God, ” I know you have better quallified people for this cituation, don’t you?”  Before you pass judgement the cituation was this. My friend I met is Athiest. His friend was going through alot of problems, and was thinking of suicide. My friend talked him out of  this commitment, Thank the Lord. Sometimes though things just have a way of happening anyway. Months later the same friend was diagnosed with prostate cancer and it had allready spread through most of his organs. My friend called me up and asked if I would please pray for his friend, since he wasn’t a praying man himself and he new I was. Never in my life have I ever had someone think of me this way. I accepted and imediatly sent out request with some people i new. Sadly our friend past @ 7:30 a.m. 8/20/11. He had gotton an infection in his blood stream that spread throughout and into his brain. I never got the opportunity to speak to Matt, but I hope and pray He worked everything out with God. I have again been asked to pray for everyone to make it through this somehow. My prayers are sent, and again I’m asking for people to join me on this. For my Athiest friend to even ask for prayer is a major mile stone for him and a step in faith, AMEN. We never know when it is going to be our time to pass away out of this life, but we can sure prepare our soul for Heaven. I remember many times in my drug and alchohol addicted days I thought I was invincible. I wasn’t worried about anything just the next high. I remember being a kid and taking for granted that tomorrow would come. Do we have a tomorrow? Is it really going to come for each of us? Only God knows this answer. All we can do is prepare as if today is our last day. Does everyone in my life know how much they mean to me? Yes. Am I ready to meet my Savior, Yes. I thank God everyday for keeping me safe on the road and all around me. Can we wait til tomorrow to get our soul right with God. Is there time? These are things I use to do. I’ll do it later right now I’m going to live it up while I’m young. I use to sit in Church as a kid saying at alter call. Next Sunday. Which leads me to a poem I wrote few years ago. “Next Sunday” found in my blogs. In closing I am truely reminded that tomorrow is not promised to me, but Eternal life is as a Christian. God has prepared a place for me, and I am ready to unite with my Father in Heaven when he is ready for me to. I am thankfull to all that has been with me on this journey in prayer and continued prayers appreciated. Love Rob.

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I’ve lived the party scene. Been down the the fast lane. Lived for years working for the weekend to go out and party. Always looking for love and acceptance at the end of a bottle or the end of a line. Only to find lonliness again and again. Definition of insanity, “doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” Was I insane? YES. My doors in life I chose always lead the same place. Why because I chose to open them. There was a time in life I always had two doors to choose from, but after so long choosing the wrong door your eyes start seeing only one door. The saying that there is light at the end of the tunnel is true when you decide to open your eyes and see again. Meth started out being fun. Work all night stay up all day. Feel like a teenager again. Fountain of youth. It’s a very sneakie drug of its master that I call the devil. It consumes you without you even knowing until your in a pit of turmoil and distruction. I thank God everyday for giving me another door to choose just when I thought I was doomed forever. 6 years clean and I love living for the Lord. He has blessed me in so many ways. I always searched for love and I found it through Jesus Christ. I found love for my savior and myself. I am blessed now with my wife whom I thank God for everyday. My kids I thank God for them and bringing me from a bottomless pit to learn to be a good father and husband.  The doors I have in life now are filled with endless possibilities instead of possibilities of an end. Thank you God for sparing my life and opening doors everyday for me and my family. If I can ever be of help to anyone in need Please let me know. GOD BLESS.

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Hey everyone.

Sorry I have not put anything up in awhile. Just haven’t had anything come to my mind lately. Maybe I’ll be fortunate enough to have something soon. Please enjoy older post for now

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Two Voices



In my head there are two voices.

One speaks of love, integrity, and salvation.

The other speaks of lies, hate and damnation.

The bad one lets me know that I am surrounded by Doctors, Lawyers, important people and such.

Whispers that I’m a high school drop out. Just a truck driver, and I’ll never amount to much.

He says I’m alone in this world no one really cares for me.

You’re nothing and it’s not hard for everyone to see.

Go back to your drinking and drug buddies where you really belong.

That is the comfortable place where you fit in and you can really call home.

All this religion they speak of is it really going to be true.

I tell you this, if it is, it won’t be for you.

You have never amounted to anything before.

Just hang around long enough I won’t need to say anymore.

Thank God I have another voice I listen to now.

He’s the one that has brought me through my turmoil by his grace somehow.

He’s always been there to lend a helping hand.

Together he and I make a real good stand.

He tells me I’m worth his blood and his life.

He’s gave me a family. Beautiful kids and a loving wife.

He tells me it doesn’t matter who we are on the outside.

The inside is what counts I’m washed in the blood, saved by his grace, and Never Hide!

In his eyes we are all equal and should stand together.

In the end we will all be in the same heaven forever.

He tells me we shouldn’t spend wasted time getting complaisant with one another.

We should be out searching for the lost, and telling them how to be a Christian sister and brother.

The ones in the Church have a good foundation and are on their way.

People that are lost is who we need to be in search of every minute of every day.

Go in peace knowing you fit in and you are my son.

Search for the lost and spend time with them until their battle is won.

This is what matters as the end draws near.

It’s time to get out of the comfort zone instead of just sit here.

                                                                                      By: Robert L. Williams, Jr.

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No title for it Just something I wrote.

Life has troubles.

Life has sorrows.

There’s no promise, of tomorrow.

Raise you’re hands and with praise

Let God fill you with his loving grace


Lord lift me up, fill my cup

Let my light shine for you.

Let me walk, let me talk

Be with me in everything I do.

There is nothing in this world that can bring me peace and joy.

Lord you’ve been there even when I ignored you.


These life struggles

Are no match for the father.


Why would you even bother.

He has already paved the way.

Let him in your heart to stay.

Let your sins be at rest.

He will cast them from east is to west.

Lord lift me up, fill my cup

Let my light shine for you.

Let me walk, let me talk

Be with me in everything I do.

There is nothing in this world that can bring me peace and joy.

Lord you’ve been there even when I ignored you.


By: Robert L. Williams, Jr.

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The Place


The Place


One day in Church on a rainy day.

I sat and listened to what the preacher had to say.

He told of a place with streets of Gold.

A place where we would never grow old.

A place to sing a place to rejoice.

A place we could go, but it would have to be our choice.

After the sermon we stood and sang a song.

I started thinking of the things I had done wrong.

In my heart I felt a yearning.

To tell the preacher that I was eager of learning.

As i stood to walk down the aisle.

The walk was short, but at first it seemed like a mile.

As i walked my face held a tear.

Of the things I had done wrong through all the years.

I told the preacher that I needed help.

He said, “God bless you” then we knelt.

I asked God to forgive me of my sins, and in my heart for him to please come in.

Now I am ready to go to the place.

Where I can see his holy face.

If you too would like to make this choice.

come join me, and let’s rejoice.

Then one day you too can retrace.

The steps you have taken to get to The Place.


By: Robert L. Williams, Jr.

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I sit at night and wonder how people can judge me for my wrongs.

Is their house so clean that they can spend all this time seeing if I belong.

Yes there are things I have done in my life that I don’t speak of.

Even though people don’t let me forget them, I’m still washed in the blood.

After God has forgiven me how can others still throw stones.

Maybe someday they will concentrate on their wrongs.

I am glad I can spend my time working on a closer walk with God.

I hope and pray that my judgers can someday get closer too instead of casting lightning rods.

Words do hurt sometimes they cut like a knife.

Can’t we all remember this time on earth is what prepares us for eternal life.

We are not perfect people and never will we be.

So next time look in the mirror and judge the one you see.

If you can change the person in the mirror life will be much better.

One day we can stand in heaven with loving souls together.


By: Robert L. Williams, Jr.

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Final Stand

Final Stand


I carried a cross so heavy and my skin was gashed and torn.

My head trickled with blood from a crown filled with thorns.

I hung on a cross persecuted and mocked til I took my last breath.

I was put in a tomb where I arose from what they thought was my death.

All this pain I took on to show my love for you.

How could you turn your back on me like I you never knew?

I made the blind able to see made the deaf begin to hear.

I made the cripple stand and walk and gave people courage when all they new was fear.

All these things I have done and went through to show you how much I care.

Now I’m standing with arms wide open how can you just stand there?

Come and join me let me give you peace and rest.

I’ll take your sins and cast them as far as east is to west.

We will walk through life forever hand in hand.

One day soon in heaven is where we will make our final stand.

By: Robert L. Williams, Jr.

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I sit and ponder thoughts of joy.

Thoughts of when I was a little boy.

The days were wonderful no worries in sight.

Only playtime and living life.

Life is not that much different than back then.

The only thing now is I’m aware of my sins.

I lived life for so long knowing what I should do,

But never getting on my knees to start a new.

Drinking, drugging, and addicted to most anything.

I walked around in a devilish ring.

One day I heard a speaker talk about his life mistakes.

Before the end of the night I wanted to become awake.

Awake from the despair and sins holding me down.

I wanted to be forgiven and one day get my crown.

On my knees I let God in my life.

I asked him to come in and take over all my strife.

Now days I don’t walk alone anymore.

Jesus walks with me and together through life we soar.

Life is now like when I was a boy.

I am happy knowing in heaven is where I’m going to enjoy.


By: Robert L. Williams, Jr


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