Called Up

Called Up

Oh how I look forward to the day,

when we get called up in heaven to stay.

What a joyous day that will be

to look up at Jesus, to hear, and see.

Now my struggle is over that I fought so long.

Jesus said, “Come join me let us sing a song.

Your trials are over no more fight.

Come. Let’s go. Everything is going to be all right.

You have won your battle and now it is time,

to be with me this child of mine.

No more worry, no more strife.

It is time to give you eternal life.”

Oh how that will be a wonderful day,

when we get called up with him to stay.


By Robert L. Williams, Jr.

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2 Responses to Called Up

  1. Donna says:

    wow….just beautiful…tears of joy are in my eyes over your obedience…bless you!

    • Ty so much Donna Glad you like it. Have to tell the story behind it to ya sometime. I don’t mind if you use them Donna however you feel led to do them Just put my name on the poem is all I ask. More to come soon.

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