Final Stand

Final Stand


I carried a cross so heavy and my skin was gashed and torn.

My head trickled with blood from a crown filled with thorns.

I hung on a cross persecuted and mocked til I took my last breath.

I was put in a tomb where I arose from what they thought was my death.

All this pain I took on to show my love for you.

How could you turn your back on me like I you never knew?

I made the blind able to see made the deaf begin to hear.

I made the cripple stand and walk and gave people courage when all they new was fear.

All these things I have done and went through to show you how much I care.

Now I’m standing with arms wide open how can you just stand there?

Come and join me let me give you peace and rest.

I’ll take your sins and cast them as far as east is to west.

We will walk through life forever hand in hand.

One day soon in heaven is where we will make our final stand.

By: Robert L. Williams, Jr.

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2 Responses to Final Stand

  1. marie says:

    love it daddy!! :)) my fav.
    i like how you left people to figure out it was Jesus and didnt tell that in your poem!! :))

    • Ty babygirl. I love you and keep reading can’t wait to hear you sing in church Sunday. Proud day to see you in church singing for the Lord. Keep walking close to God babygirl and you will never go wrong. Daddy is very proud of you.

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