Death is a hard subject to talk about. It usually creaps up in the worst of times and far to often to ones we are not ready to let go of. Recently I was involved for the first time in my life with a terminally ill friend of a friend. Now you see I talk to God just like talking to any person in front of me. When my friend asked for my help in prayer I looked up and asked God, ” I know you have better quallified people for this cituation, don’t you?”  Before you pass judgement the cituation was this. My friend I met is Athiest. His friend was going through alot of problems, and was thinking of suicide. My friend talked him out of  this commitment, Thank the Lord. Sometimes though things just have a way of happening anyway. Months later the same friend was diagnosed with prostate cancer and it had allready spread through most of his organs. My friend called me up and asked if I would please pray for his friend, since he wasn’t a praying man himself and he new I was. Never in my life have I ever had someone think of me this way. I accepted and imediatly sent out request with some people i new. Sadly our friend past @ 7:30 a.m. 8/20/11. He had gotton an infection in his blood stream that spread throughout and into his brain. I never got the opportunity to speak to Matt, but I hope and pray He worked everything out with God. I have again been asked to pray for everyone to make it through this somehow. My prayers are sent, and again I’m asking for people to join me on this. For my Athiest friend to even ask for prayer is a major mile stone for him and a step in faith, AMEN. We never know when it is going to be our time to pass away out of this life, but we can sure prepare our soul for Heaven. I remember many times in my drug and alchohol addicted days I thought I was invincible. I wasn’t worried about anything just the next high. I remember being a kid and taking for granted that tomorrow would come. Do we have a tomorrow? Is it really going to come for each of us? Only God knows this answer. All we can do is prepare as if today is our last day. Does everyone in my life know how much they mean to me? Yes. Am I ready to meet my Savior, Yes. I thank God everyday for keeping me safe on the road and all around me. Can we wait til tomorrow to get our soul right with God. Is there time? These are things I use to do. I’ll do it later right now I’m going to live it up while I’m young. I use to sit in Church as a kid saying at alter call. Next Sunday. Which leads me to a poem I wrote few years ago. “Next Sunday” found in my blogs. In closing I am truely reminded that tomorrow is not promised to me, but Eternal life is as a Christian. God has prepared a place for me, and I am ready to unite with my Father in Heaven when he is ready for me to. I am thankfull to all that has been with me on this journey in prayer and continued prayers appreciated. Love Rob.

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